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Why Choose Mission Infinity?


Do everything from the comfort of home. And so simple - just 1 daily WhatApp or Email with the Zoom links.


Not only physical, but also brain train exercises designed to delay mental decline and problems like dementia.

Affordable & Free Trial.

At only £20 a month after your 2 week trial, you get access to 40+ live sessions and access to everything we have to offer. So treat your body to Mission Infinity and you will not regret it - the trial is absolutely free, no strings attached.


We are a family who have a passion for helping you feel better every single day. Meet the team:


"I am a yoga teacher, SEN (Special Educational Needs) worker and Vedic philosopher. I began my Yoga journey during the pregnancy of my youngest child Bianca in 2002 through classes that taught Hatha Yoga. I am a qualified Yoga teacher with the Traditional Yoga Association and was taught by Swami Ambikananda."


"I am the Mission Infinity Quizmaster! Since picking up yoga, it has changed my life. And now I also run the weekly quiz, every Tuesday. It helps me learn fun interesting facts that I now get to share with all of you. This is a part of living the mind body experience."

Jay & Bianca

"We run the support and technology that makes Mission Infinity and make the Daily Email Quiz. We love brain training and try and make the daily quiz as fun as possible so you start your morning entertained whilst also being challenged. Any help you need, reach out anytime via phone or email."

Manisha & Shashin

Why we will fit you

Hassle-Free, No Equipment: You can do it anywhere
‎‎‏‏‎ ‎Long Term Mobility Priority: We've done the research
Active Mind Focus Training: We keep your mind sharper

On-demand Recordings
You can catch up anytime

Hassle-Free, No Equipment
You can do it anywhere

‎‎‏‏‎ ‎Long Term Mobility Priority
We've done the research

Active Mind Focus Training
We keep your mind sharper

What we do to help you

Lose Weight: Reduce stress on your joints
Keep Your Mind Sharp: Delay cognitive decline
Increase Flexibility: Feel less tension & aches
Build Core Balance: Feel stable & stronger

Lose Weight
Reduce stress on your joints

Keep Your Mind Sharp
Delay cognitive decline

Increase Flexibility
Feel less tension & aches

Build Core Balance
Feel stable & stronger

How we tailor to you

High Blood Pressure
Neck, Back, Hip, Knee Pains
Arthritis or Limited Mobility
Fits Your Schedule & Builds Habit

Your Weekly Schedule

Brain Train Quiz
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A photo of the 50infinity Quiz.
A fun-packed mental challenge testing trivia as well as logic puzzles and brain teasers made for the whole family.
Key Benefits:
Memory • Sharpness • Speed
Chair Yoga
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A photo of a 50infinity Chair Yoga session.
Chair based yoga session to boost activity whilst staying in a seat. Helps flexibility in your muscles and relieves aches and pains throughout your body.
Key Benefits:
Mobility • Flexibility • Stability
Yoga: Slow Poses
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A photo of a 50infinity Slow Poses Yoga session.
A slower yoga session that teaches you traditional yoga poses designed to up your balance and flexibility and leave you ready for other activities on the weekend.
Key Benefits:
Balance • Focus • Flexibility
Yoga: Fast Repetition
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A photo of a 50infinity Fast Repetition Yoga session.
A higher tempo yoga session to increase fitness levels whilst still giving you the benefits from yoga: flexibility, balance and stability.
Key Benefits:
Fitness • Flexibility • Focus

Options After Your Trial

per month
Daily Brain Train Quiz
per month
Unlimited access to all activities
No contract, cancel anytime
Daily Brain Train Quiz
for 3 months
All Inclusive for 3 months
2 free months over the year
Daily Brain Train Quiz
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